November 13, 2011

Home made inkwell

Comic Tools reader Amalgamated Biscuit just showed me this terrific inkwell he made:

From his post:

"When my ink runs low I have to fish around at an angle to get enough ink on my nib and I usually end up covering my pen and hands. So I created this inkwell which is just deep and wide enough for my biggest nibs."

Too cool, right? Though I feel it's seriously lacking in a pair of googly eyes. The bottom in-action photo is slightly obscene, which I also feel googly eyes would help. Not help make it less obscene, mind you, just more hilarious.

Thanks to Amalgamated Biscuit for sharing!


Agentflit said...

Oh my balls comic tools is back! Keep it coming Matt, and I'm glad your life is running smoother!

Comic Tools said...

Thanks! So am I.

Amalgamated Biscuit said...

Hah Cheers Matt!

It has very subtle little bumps for eyes which are hard to capture in a photograph.

And if you think dipping a nib is obscene you should see him with the cork stopper in.

Kat said...

Thank you SO MUCH for posting this!!! Because of you linking it, I was IMMEDIATELY inspired to make my own inkwell, except mine is quite a bit larger, and looks like Totoro! If you're interested, you can see some pics of it at Anyway, thanks for the sudden burst of inspiration!