August 12, 2009

Shaking my coffee cup at you

Hello Comic Tools readers,

I have a major tool problem right now, and I could really use your help, and by help I mean cash.

For the project I'm working on for First Second, two epic books, I need a large format printer to print my layouts in pure cyan onto my illustration board, so I can finish pencil over it and then drop out the blue later. It's a process that I learned from Jason Little, and I recently documented how he does it in his home in Brooklyn for an upcoming comic tools entry. I'm waiting to do that entry so I can contrast some interesting differences in how he does it versus how I'll be doing it. And there we come to the problem.

Months ago my wonderful girlfriend sent me her large format printer to use. When I went to use it, it turned out to be totally messed up from travel and disuse. So I bought a used one from an architect in Carol gardens for fifty dollars- it has a serious issue with it's print head that will cost me upward of 100 dollars and a trip to Jersey to fix. So I got another for 70 dollars, but it's in need of a similarly expensive cleaning, also involving a trip to Jersey as well, adding even more money.

It's not worth my time to fix these, and doing some looking around there are two new printers that will serve my need that cost in between 250 and 350 dollars. The lower end of that is what fixing these old craigslist printers would cost me, and I'd have a new machine.

I don't have the money for either option, an this is an essential piece of equipment for my project. (not to mention the entry.)

I have deliberately taken no steps to monetize this blog, because I feel that this information should be free and spreadable as possible. I will never, ever charge anything for the information on this blog. But I know many of you appreciate it enough that you would pay for it, and I'd like to ask you, if I've helped you or your art in some way, to help me in purchasing this extremely important piece of expensive professional equipment. Maybe there's a five dollar cup of coffee, or hell, maybe even a ten dollar comic you can go without. Maybe you can spare a dollar. I'm in a serious bind here and I'd be one step away from blood-indebted to anyone who'd help me out here.

If you'd like to help, please click on donate, think of my puppy dog eyes welling with tears, and give what you can. I'll make a post to stop you should some miracle occur and I get enough actually cover the cost of the printer.

(Edit: actually, I did the math, and if everyone who follows me on Blogger gave five bucks that would totally cover it.)

(Edit 2: donation button fixed.)


Anonymous said...

Which printers are you thinking of getting new? -Just curious

Comic Tools said...

The Epson Stylus 1400 or the Canon Pixma pro9000 Mark II

Unknown said...


You might take your new printer and copy a page out of Cat's book:


Good luck and quit buy printers that need fixing and trips to Jersey.

Anonymous said...

Have you thought about selling original art?

Comic Tools said...

Douglas: Where were you before I tried saving money with used printers?! :p

Unknown said...

@matt; its hard to know for sure, but frittering away time on the Internet's usually a good bet.

Did we do all the muscles already?

Comic Tools said...

All the muscles?

Unknown said...

Anatomy drawing. I wasn't keeping track of all the parts. I really enjoyed that series.

Comic Tools said...

Ah, yes. You can find them all here:
Start from the bottom and go up.