August 16, 2009

Getting there!

Hey everybody, since Wednesday when I asked you all for help getting a printer after an expensive month long fiasco that I didn't even describe half of, Comic Tools readers have donated 100 dollars and forty three cents, which is a hair short of halfway to a brand new large format printer which will allow me not only to start finished art for my First Second book, but also to finish an amazing Comic Tools entry where, in researching the method I'm using to produce the art for my book, I visited Jason Little in his home, where he taught me how to do it, demonstrated by printing out a page of his own layouts, and then he actually penciled and inked part of a panel right then and there, with me photographing the whole thing.

I also have entries coming up such as an insanely in-depth review of different inks, how to choose perspectives in comic panels, and a HUGE multi part tutorial about scanning that will rival my anatomy tutorial.

I don't need any money to produce any of this content (this isn't PBS, you're not gonna have to deal with annual fund drives), but I do really honest to god need this new printer to do my job, and I've already spent more money on this misguided adventure than I can afford. In the last several days many of you have donated, some of you generously enough I may have to take a bullet for you or something. For those of you who haven't yet, if each of you donated five dollars it would put me into the clear and leave a little extra for ink. But any amount at all would still be closer, and deeply appreciated. This is a piece of professional equipment that I really need, and if you've enjoyed this blog and the content I've provided, maybe it's worth enough to you to help me out. You'd really be pulling me out of a ditch. To all of you who've already helped, holy moly smokes thank you thank you thank you. (To those of you who gave big, and who will give big- you have special packages coming to you in the near future. )


Russel Roehling said...

Hey, great blog you've got here man, some really informative stuff. Just wanted to pitch in my 2 cents, Brother just came out with a ledger format all in one, with a full 11 by 17 scanner, for $300 or under, depending on where you look. I just bought it a few weeks ago, and it's been a godsend. I've been printing borderless on 2 ply bristol, with almost no problems (only one jam so far). Anyway, it's worth the money if you don't already have a large format scanner.

Comic Tools said...

Unfortunately 11X17 is too small for my needs. I'm running 13X17 through the printer. I actually have two picked out that fit my needs and price range perfectly. Thanks for the tip off, though!

Anonymous said...

Hey pal! I think the donate button's wonky on this new post. The one in your original post worked though.

Comic Tools said...

Thanks Kiel! Must have copied and pasted it wrong somehow the first time. It's fixed now.