November 27, 2006

Noa Liberman

Comics: Several Ones on hold, had to quit having fun to make homeworks :(
Website: stuff can be viewed via Devart: or my flickr page:
Making comics since year of: Ever since I was a tiny little kid. about 10 years old for fun, since highschool as a dream job
Art education/schools attended: Now studying in a College Called Shenkar at Israel, A big college for design - the only place with Illustration program


Pencils: I usually use a mechanical pencil by Faber Castell, 0.7 points, no less, although I sometimes use 2b faber castell pencils and plain ol' yellow pencils. I like faber castell a lot because they are avialable everywhere here, make wonderful things and not so expensive.

Inks: winsdor newton indian ink black pen... but I hate using ink.

Brushes: none. Don't like it.

Pens: Ooh, this is where the fun begins. I usually use faber castell's PITT series, who make a 4 peice set for artists and illustration, consisting of 4 great pens with black indian ink - S, M, F and a great brush pen which I adore. I also use rapidographs from time to time, but they are too mechnical for me.

Paper: Sometimes Cartridge, Usually very thick a4 papers of good quailty and random brands.

Lettering: On my own, I have neat handwriting ;)

Color:  I used to color comics with pantone markers, but sadly I am broke and thus I moved into computerized colouring which actually gives me the same results in less time and effort.

Layout/ Composition: Dozens of them, this is still my rough points.

What tools you'd never use, and why: pencils less then 0.7 - because they are awful and not as fun to use as the thicker ones
inking with a brush - because I'm sloppy, but I'd like to use it...
someone else's font or handwriting as lettering - because thats one of the thing that make your comics your own
crappy light-weight paper, pilot pens, plain markers - because good art and comics needs some money ;)

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