September 15, 2009


From Jillian Tamaki's blog:

In other news, I've picked up a class at SVA this semester, pinch hitting for an instructor on mat leave (congrats, Lauren!). Sophomore Drawing for Cartoonists. There is still room in the class if you are interested. You will have to contact the dept directly.

I know a fair number of SVA students read this blog. So let me tell you this- my choice of sophomore year drawing teacher ended up being the most important choice of my college career. I went with Scott Harrison, known as "the guy who actually fails people." (SVA is known for letting crap students coast as long as they pay tuition) Scott held our work up to professional level critique, and it was almost half a year before any of the students who could stand to stick with it made a piece that was totally acceptable to him. In that half a year my work, and the work of all my classmates who hung in there, made a quantum leap as he encouraged our good tendencies and smashed our bad habits to dust. By holding us to pro standards, our work became pro level, and every single person who hung in with his class got work after graduation.

Jillian is not only a true pro, a deadline hero and a brilliant cartoonist, she's fantastic at explaining process and critiquing what works and what doesn't, as anyone who follows this blog knows from all the times I've linked to her posts. If you possibly can, take her class. It's an opportunity of a lifetime.

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