March 23, 2009

Reader question:

B2-kun asks:

For the other Pitt pen nib sizes, my problem is that I tend to wear them down and damage them before I can use up the original ink load. Has anybody verified if the brush nib flipping trick also works with the Big Pitt brush pens yet?

B2-kun's question refers to how on Pitt pens you can pull out the fiber tip nib, turn it around, and shove it back in, and voila'!, you have a brand new tip.

I don't know the answer because I hate Pitt pens like poison myself, though not as much as I hate microns. Any Pitt pen folks who can help him out?


Anthony Woodward said...

I read this on Adam Koford's blog and tried it and works fine. But it lasts just as long as the original which is not very long at all.
I also tried the refilling with ink and it seems to have worked ok too.

I use the pit pens to fill in black areas in my sketchbook drawings and comics.
I can't imagine using them for line inking as you'd need a new one almost every page or two.

Hugo Sleestak said...

Pitt brush markers aren't nearly as delicate as a true brush, but many of the same "do's " and "don'ts" apply. Read some of the posts on this blog about using / holding a brush and ask yourself if you're showing your marker similar care. If you're using the same marker for both thin lines and large patches of black, or if you're leaning on the marker really hard, I can see where you could use up the ink before the "brush" fails.

Hugo Sleestak said...

Oop, sorry, I got the original question backwards. Sorry. But the same advice applies either way. Hope it helps.

Anthony Woodward said...

The pen is still working great after refilling with my rotering tech pen ink. This has saved me from going and buying a few more.
Perhaps you're right that if you use the pen for only delicate lines and treat it well it may last longer. The best person to ask would be Adam Koford as he sure does draw a lot of those lol cats and must chew through a few pitt brush markers!

LOOKA said...

I'm missing out again! I got to do my comic tools reading...

Anton Emdin said...

I've used them with kid gloves and the fine point doesn't last more than an hour.

Really, it's only good as a marker. If you want a decent brush pen you need a Pentel Brush Pen or one of the other Japanese ones.

Also, Ackerman does a decent brush pen that's a bit larger, like the one mentioned here or Tombows.