January 12, 2009

Tutorials from people who aren't me

For some reason, this was an amazing week for people giving out free information abut making comics.

Artist, writer, and Comic Tools blog reader Rivkah-last-name-unknown posted a tutorial of her coloring method for a recent illustration on her livejournal. You should already be reading her livejournal anyway if you aren't already. She has a great deal to say about being published and being a publisher, and about life as an artist in general. Plus she posts her drawings, which is incentive enough to add her journal to your friends list. I think she, I, and you, the reader, would all be happy if you bought her book, too.

As if that wasn't already enough free knowledge and blog content to make my week, I found out that Lurid.com has been posting really professionally shot, well-edited videos of P. Craig Russell talking about working with models, his creative process, and even dissecting single pages of his comics to show how and why they work. It's actually it's own show on the site- it's called PCR TV.

(This is a screen cap, not an embedded vid.)

This...this sort of thing is my wet dream, what I WISH I could someday make Comic Tools. This is one of the best cartoonists EVER, PERIOD, telling you how he does it, in a way that's free and accessible to anyone, anywhere.

Honestly, my jaw goes gooey talking about this. This sort of thing is so important, and means so much to me, and for someone of his level to be putting this out there...I've paid thousands for classes that taught me less, and so has anyone who's ever been to any art school.

What a great week.

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