June 6, 2007

Dave Kiersh

Basic Bio: I’m a librarian who tends to draw comics about “troubled youth”.
Comics: A Last Cry For Help
Website: www.davekcomics.com
Making comics since year of: 1997
Art education/schools attended: One year of art school was helpful.


I don’t use a pencil at all. Instead I do my rough drafts with the same pen that I’ll do the final version with. I trace over my roughs with the use of a light box. I find that I could never match the consistency from pencil to paper and that erasing is a nightmare. So I quit using pencils long ago. With the use of a light table, I can do multiple drafts with my Pigma brush pens and Pigma Microns 05 and 08. I simply use cheap Xerox paper because I end up doing lots of drafts. This works for me because I limit myself to 4 panels a page. If I wanted a page with more panels, I’d use a larger format. Also, copy paper is thin, which makes it more transparent. And I don’t have to worry about messing up and wasting it! I like the size too because it fits neatly on the scanner. For color I use Photoshop and draw with a wacom tablet. In referencing CMYK, I use a Color Index book for reference.

Tool timeline, starting from when you began drawing in any serious way until the present, and what spurred the changes: The use of a light table changed the way I worked. I started doing multiple drafts and in the process, my art developed into a cleaner style. Now I’m starting to draw directly into the computer using a wacom tablet. Using layers, it’s a very similar process.

What tools you'd never use, and why: A mechanical pencil. And Pen Nibs. Because the pencil is too predictable and the nibs are too unpredictable.


Comic Tools said...

This is exactly why I love this blog, or generally hearing about people with very different methods than me. Micons are the one tool that I loathe above all others. I couldn't get a decent looking drawing out of one to save my life. I'd be better off with a ballpoint. There's something about the way the feel, their fibers scratching on the paper, that makes my skin crawl in the worst way. And I feel like I have less control over the line.

Dave gets great drawings out of microns, and his work would probably suffer were he to use just about any of my most valued, essential tools. I love it! Keep it coming MK!

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This is perfect I can see you're a perfect cartoonist because you use a pen instead of a pencil, I can't do that because I always have to do the pencil.