May 2, 2007

"Ach, I'm bad at this."

Sorry for the incredibly long delay between posts. In lieu of genuine content, I offer you excuses (and links): About a month after I started this blog, the deadline came up for this anthology I'm editing came up, and I suddenly was swamped with things to do. It's now almost about to head to the printers though, and news & stuff will be posted at It's called
The Girl's Guide to Guys' Stuff and is just filled with insanely tallented lady cartoonists.

One of these cartoonists is Canada's Faith Erin Hicks, who is just destined for greatness. In fact, her first print collection is coming out in November from SLG, a Canadian zombie apocalypse comics called
Zombies Calling. Up on her site, there's a FAQ where she answers a couple questions about what kinda stuff she uses, and on her specific ZC page she even puts up her pitch material & older versions of the comic. You can literally watch her get awesomer over time. On top of all that, she's got two web comics up, and got nominated for a Shuster this year. Have I not given you enough reasons to go check out her stuff yet? Just go.

Also, since I have had this forever and just for some reason not put it up yet, Kevin Colden did a survey that I should have put up ages ago, and will try to get up this week. (There's a lot of pictures with his. It'll come.) Since he did the interview, Kevin's started doing a comic for ACT-I-VATE called Fishtown. The first 3 pages are up now, and they look quite nice.


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