December 6, 2006

Jonathan Mahood

Comics: Hoover the Rechargeable Dog
Website:  and at 
Making comics since year of: Early 80's
Art education/schools attended: Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Arts) York University, Toronto


Pencils: Prismacolor Col-erase 20044 blue pencils (no erasing!)

Inks: Dr. Martin's Black Star, Winsor & Newtons Black India Ink

Brushes: Brushes and I don't seem to understand each other...Would love to fix this relationship someday, I see old Pogo strips and wish I could do that.

Pens: I finally found a great nib and I've had a lot of people ask me what I use... the Brause Steno nib. After a short break in period it really gets flexible and gives these great smooth thick and thin lines. No scratching either. ( available at  ) For lettering I use a Speedball B-6 ...if I could find a replacement for this nib I would because every nib is different! The production quality of these suck, some I use once and toss because they don't flow right. I've tried lettering with pigment liners but I like the flow you get with ink. The No. 127 Koh-i-noor nib holder is great and the cork makes it very comfortable

Paper: Strathmore Smooth Bristol

Lettering: By hand...some comics computer lettering works and some it doesn't match the artwork 

Color: Photoshop CS2

Layout/ Composition: Most of the time I go straight to the final product. I find my first sketches are always the best.

What tools you'd never use, and why: Markers for the drawings and computer fonts for the lettering

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